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Workers with soft skills, the most sought after by companies to have a good closing of 2022

According to studies, currently 73% of companies at the time of hiring a worker seek that he has a good development of soft skills which must be complemented with the technical skills that he has for the good development of activities in the workplace which is required by the company.

Less than two months before the end of the year, companies want to have a good closing, that is why they seek among their collaborators and possible new income the impulse of their soft skills in the professional field, the development of the soft skills of the workers will allow them a better achievement of objectives which are proposed by the company.

Next, we will mention five soft skills which today are considered by companies to have a good closing of 2022:

1.Statement of results:

Meet the objectives set and carry them out through the strategies which we consider necessary for this objective to have as a satisfactory final result, we have to be aware that when wanting this objective during the process we must demonstrate dedication and perseverance.

2.Take risks in the decisions you make:

If you want to meet your objectives, most of the time you must make certain decisions which involve certain risks, however, making these “risk” decisions will lead you to have certain advantages and you can also exceed the expectations of the company at the time the challenge was designated.


Working in an orderly and organized way will allow you to have a better vision of the objectives you want to achieve, in addition to fulfilling the activities in the right time, likewise today we have many tools both physically and digitally that allow us to have a better organization of the activities to be developed.


The workers of the company must adapt the Intrapreneurship since it allows them to have a good performance of activities, thus generating them to seek beyond the tasks that are designated to them, they will also be aware that they must be aware of the new trends in the world of work and devise new strategies for the challenges that are indicated to them,  remember that Intrapreneurship today plays a fundamental role since it will help workers consider better processes, have a better vision when solving problems and contribute adequately to the company but through a vision as an entrepreneurial collaborator within an organization.

5.Act quickly:

Make decisions quickly and effectively, as well as find a way to know how to take advantage of the decisions we make, remember that people who have this characteristic are those who devise and demonstrate the decision made in a clear way and in a short period.


Finally, remember that the soft skills of employees today is essential for the development of activities and the relationship with other employees, likewise most jobs are done in a group so the worker must have the ability to demonstrate the soft skills which he acquired, however companies today look for trained professionals who have a good development of soft skills,  since the new global and market demands require them for the good development of activities and the good corporate image that the company will show towards others.







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