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Since 2009, we have worked hand in hand with our clients to provide them personalized service and products that meet the highest international quality standards.


Our clients belong to different productive sectors such as Agribusiness, Food and Beverages, Banking and Finance, Automotive, Textile, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Education, Government. They are located in Mexico, North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Who we are?



MexWorld Consulting Group is a Mexican firm with three main International business areas : Trading, Consulting and Training, in order to support Mexican companies that want to internationalize as well as foreign companies that want to enter the Mexican market.


The values of the company are based on competitiveness, honesty, professionalism, quality, trustcordiality and sustainability. Tending to be an integral part of our clients’ work team and to maintain their loyalty and trust over time.
International Presence


Thanks to our strategic alliances, we have commercial partners in different parts of the world, which allows us to offer our products and services across the five continents.

we do?



We export a wide range of products such as food and beverages and health care articles. The main destinations are North America, Europe and recently the Middle East and Asia. We also Import products that meet the highest standards and internationally recognized certifications.

Fresh fruits and vegetables


Avocado, lemon / lime , mango,
berries, pineapple, nopal cactus,
brocoli, bell pepper , banana

Food and beverages


Confectionary ( Chocolates and candies), avocado oil, guacamole, mezcal, tequila, honey bee, coffee, cacao.

Health care products


Masks : 3PLY, N95 y KN95,
thermometers, nitrile gloves,
SARS-CoV-2 Tests


Business Consulting

International Market Research


Import / Export Plans




Customs Brokers


Trade Missions and Fairs

New business Development and Diversification of International Markets


International Market Research


New Customers and Distributors Research


Business Plans


Marketing Strategies

Enterprise Development


Quality Management


Business Process Improvement


Change Management




International Business and Trade


• Global Strategic Planning
• Customs Operations
• International Payment Methods
• International Marketing and Negotiation
• International Project Management
• Logistics and Supply Chain

Enterprise and Entrepreneur development


• Project Management Fundamentals
• Next Level of Sales
• Coaching and Counseling
• Resilience and Neurolinguistic Programming
• Service Attitude, Communication and Teamwork
• Conflict resolution


The current situation, marked by the covid-19 pandemic and the trade dispute between China and the United States, is accelerating the hyper-segmentation of production processes, their location in a smaller number of countries, as well as Industry 4.0...

The word sustainable, today, is one of the most mentioned nowadays, however, it could be said that it is not fully understood. Especially when it comes to companies. For most of the people, sustainable means green, but they are only 33 percent right....

Today, companies seek the loyalty of their target audience, but few succeed in seeing what their public expects of them. Considering the option of committing to the environment is a rather arduous task, but being green in logistics processes seems to...

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