Methods needed to succeed in business

How partners, suppliers, and all those related to the supply chain for a company to provide good services / products propose to adapt to the new needs that today workers from different countries require, that is why we must propose appropriate strategies to achieve what we propose.

In order to achieve these objectives, we must set new goals, in addition to being clear about what we really want to do considering the ecosystem global issues which already have industries with different points of view, and most importantly analyze in detail each peculiarity that demands each of them. Another important point to consider when setting new goals is the world of digitalization, this term became very popular around the world after COVID-19 came to our lives, today digitalization has brought with it multiple opportunities, such as the adaptation of companies to the different modalitieswhich today are being applied such as: virtual, hybrid or face-to-face.

After analyzing the boost to digitalization that the appearance of COVID-19 gave us, during these last months, we must not only be aware of the immigration that companies have had to the digital world, but also the security benefits offered by digital platforms where every day thousands of businesses bet their products / services to reach more consumers.

We have been living a situation where remote work is increasing every time, and we must adapt to it, with them companies are in constant need of having tools that facilitate this modality of work, some of the remote work tools are those that offer you to work in a team, other tools that are important are those of unified communications, and the most important are those of video conferencing which today are of great importance tobe able to make important meetings around the world.

The data has been increasingly surprising, an example of this is the survey conducted in 2021 to workers about their experience working remotely, for this study GARTNER was commissioned and with it found that 43% of respondents maintain a flexibility that helps them maintain better productivity, While another 30% mentioned that one of the great advantages of doing remote work is that they do not waste their time in traffic, since to work they do not need to move from one place to another, when before it took them one to two hours to move to their work center, today it does not take time since they do it from their homes.

After mentioning the above, we ask ourselves the following question, perhaps flexibility is the same as productivity?, because in this case it is important to mention that either the case that some companies migrate to other modalities such as virtuality or the hybrid work model leaving work leaving aside the face-to-face, The technological advances that we have today are of great importance for the productivity of people since through the different platforms that exist today there is no problemof being able to perform good teamwork and remotely, all this goes together with effective tools, which is making remote or hybrid work something more attractive so that companies can adapt to the new requirements that workers request today anywhere in the world.


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