Effects of perfectionism on the environment work

To be a great leader or carry out something to success, you do not necessarily have to be perfect and govern yourself in it so that everything goes well, since many times this can play against your thoughts.

I invite you to ask yourself the following question, Have you ever met a person who seeks perfectionism in everything he does, and if this person observes that someone else is not like that, he does not consider him someone successful? , the answer to this is the following perfectionism in case you do not get something you want can take you the thought of frustration and thinking that you are not able to perform the proposed activity, in addition this can play against you since many times you can take negative attitudes towards other people.

We must take into account, that many times things do not go well in the first attempt, failure are sometimes lessons that we have to take as learning because it will help us improve in the aspects that we consider necessary for the next do it well.

Nowadays leaders have very much in mind that they must be perfect in everything they do, because if they do not do something well they think they are not able to do their job well and therefore fail, causing them insecurity in the future when making an important decision for the company where they work,  since we remember that they as leaders of a company are a fundamental piece because most of the decisions depend on them.

Below, we will mention some problems that perfection causes:

Many times, leaders who live under the parameters of perfectionism believe that they are in control of everything that happens in their day to day, when it is not so since many times, they do not realize that they can comply with all this, this disfavors them in a way in which they are not aware of what is happening around them and does not allow them to act in an adequate way to face everything. this and on time, thus causing discomfort in the place where he works and even to the company itself.

With respect to the employees of a company, being aware of the perfectionism in them can cause some damage in the work theydo dayby daypreventing them from doing an adequate job, if the collaborators are under the command of a perfectionist leader they will have greater demand due to the vision that this has,  at the end of their work of the day these people will not end up happy, but will end up with mental exhaustion, they will also adapt the burnout syndrome which is the loss of work mission, the collaborators will mostly be unmotivated and will acquire certain levels of stress which will be harmful to their health.

In the data of a study carried out, it was obtained that 56% of the leaders do not perform an optimal work of their proposed activities, thus affecting their mood for the other activities they have to perform, the stress that leaders acquire is transmitted to the other collaborators within the company, that is why good leaders have to find a balance between work and mental health.

But, how do we improve this? because today’s leaders must take into account that they must leave perfection if they want to find optimal results, without their mental health or that of the other collaborators within the company being affected, since having affected mental health within the company this would bring great consequences which would not be favorable in the collaborators, some of the consequences they can adopt are diseases, lower productivity, among others.

Some tips that we must take into account are the following:

  • Advance the work at your own pace and do not stress, because if you are looking for perfectionism in what you do you will only find stress and it will not be favorable to you, that is why, when you feel that you are saturated with work we recommend you reflect and take a break so that you can have a better vision of your work.
  • Be aware of the reality in which you live, consider appropriate strategies when you see that you have enough work to do.
  • Learn to listen to others, because listening to ideas from other people based on what you are going to do will help you see things from another perspective and you can do a better job, in addition to commenting on your work things to other workers will make them also acquire those positive comments so that they are empowered at work.
  • Do not demand from yourself or others something that can not be fulfilled, most of the time by seeking perfectionism as mentioned above can cause serious problems such as health and mental.

Finally, we invite you to reflect with the following sentence “Perfectionism is not a search for the best of ourselves, but the pursuit of the worst of ourselves, of that part that does not say: that nothing we do will be good enough” – Julio Cameron.






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